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About Me

My name is Lee and I’m a guitarist based in Cardiff, UK.

As a Teacher, I've taught guitar for 18 years in a variety of capacities including - privately in person and online via Skype, in schools, colleges, and corporate companies to hundreds of different people of all ages and abilities around South Wales and London.

I’m also one of a very few JustinGuitar Approved Teachers.

The Justin Guitar Approved Teachers and Artists

As a Student, I’ve studied with some of the very best guitar teachers in the UK including Justin Sandercoe (, Martin Goulding (Guitar Techniques Magazine), and Dario Cortese (ICMP London). I hold a BSc Honours degree in Music Technology, a NOCN qualification in Creative Music Making, and I reached the 2009 ICMP Guitar Diploma Scholarship Finals in London.

As a Performer, from 2000 to 2010 (in the days of CDs), I gigged regularly around South Wales and the UK.

Now with more of a focus on family life, I dedicate my professional development to teaching. I still write guitar loops for fun and occasionally put out the odd video on Instagram.

Outside of music, my favourite things are family adventures with my wife and nine-year-old twins, playing lots of tennis, healthy living, and getting together with family and friends.


Beginner Guitar Lessons in Cardiff

Beginner Guitar Lessons Cardiff

The Beginner stage of your guitar journey is the most important stage you’ll go through as a guitarist.  It’s the stage where your musical and technical foundations are built, and your practice habits are developed. It’s also the stage where learning to play guitar feels most difficult, so it's important that you start off on the right foot. In your beginner guitar lessons Cardiff, we'll make sure you do just that.

Kids Guitar Lessons Cardiff

Learning a musical instrument can benefit your child in many positive ways, such as developing social, academic and physical skills, as well as cultivating patience, discipline, and self-esteem. 

In your child's guitar lessons Cardiff, we'll focus on cultivating a real enjoyment for learning through a process of games, challenges and fun activities.

Online Guitar Lessons Cardiff

Modern technology and quicker internet speeds now allow you to take guitar lessons from anywhere in the world, making my guitar lessons Cardiff available to all. All you need is a guitar, a screen, and an internet connection.

Guitar Lessons in Cardiff For All

Are you a complete Beginner confused about how to get started with the guitar? Are you an Improver, who’d like to build on a basic knowledge of chords and songs? Or are you a Player that’s keen on taking your playing to the next level? Whatever stage you’re at with your guitar playing, I offer guitar lessons in Cardiff that can help.

Guitar Lessons In Cardiff For All

Office Guitar Lessons Cardiff

Learning a musical instrument is a fun and fulfilling activity that provides a stream of health benefits including stress relief, fulfillment, focus, confidence, social interaction, and enjoyment! 

I offer guitar lessons for businesses with a focus on providing staff with a positive experience that overlaps into everyday working life.

Group Guitar Lessons Cardiff

After years of leading group sessions in schools, colleges, and corporate organisations, I’m excited to offer private Group Guitar Lessons in Cardiff for both adults and children!

Music is best enjoyed together. My group sessions are both educational and a lively social experience.


My Guitar Lessons Cardiff are based in Penylan, just around the corner from Waterloo Tea.

Mobile Guitar Lessons Cardiff

If my schedule allows, I also offer mobile guitar lessons, where I travel out to your home in Cardiff.

Just drop me a message to see if I cover your location.


Justin Sandercoe -

I really enjoy teaching and have been doing it a long time. One of the best feelings of all though, is when a student is really absorbing ideas and concepts you share with them. They go away and work real hard on their own and come back with the perfect questions. Lee was one of those students and I really enjoyed working with him on his guitar journey and watching him make significant progress over a year. That was long ago now and I've no doubt he's become an excellent teacher and player and hope you enjoy taking lessons with him!

Davos Jamos - Cardiff

I’ve only been taking lessons with Lee for a couple of months but I’m literally itching to overhear somebody say they’re thinking of taking up guitar so I can interject myself into the conversation and recommend Mr. Mead-Batten.

Franny Bennett and Lenny - London

Lee probably has the best way with children of almost anyone I’ve ever met-he is gentle and encouraging. Lenny progressed really well with Lee, and, although he was upset when Lee moved home to Wales, is now very successfully continuing his lessons via Skype.

Paul B - London

Whether we meet in person, or over skype, the result is the same – a thoroughly enjoyable hour working through musical theory, rhythm and timing, playing technique, or the finer points of Jimi Hendrix’s sound. He is a fantastic guitar player and a truly gifted teacher who I cannot recommend highly enough.

Jo Morris, Jakey and Sonny - London

Lee has been teaching my boys for 4 years. He is the best teacher my kids have ever had. He’s patient, energetic and fun. My boys never tire of lessons with him or complain it’s time for guitar. I like the way he doesn’t force them to practice, but inspires them in lessons so that they independently pick up a guitar anyway. 


Lessons are £40 per 55 minutes and £22 per 30 minutes.


If you have any questions regarding my guitar lessons in Cardiff please contact me on: