30-Day Video Creation Challenge Update

So, for the past 3 weeks I’ve been on a 30-Day Video Creation Challenge where I’ve set myself the goal of creating a new video after every teaching day – Monday to Friday. 

I’m currently 13 videos in and I’m already feeling more comfortable being on camera, and weirdly starting to actually enjoy myself.

That said, I have failed to upload after every teaching day.

There are a few reasons for this:

I only get a very small window of time between finishing work and taking on childcare duties at home. If I’ve forgotten to charge my camera battery or if I’ve forgotten to turn my mic on during the shoot (two things which have happened), a recording ain’t happening. Also, if I have something planned right after work, like going to a gig (which has also happened), there’s just no time left to make the video.

But it’s all cool. I just need to tweak the challenge.

The New Challenge:

So the new challenge is to make a total of 100 videos, aiming for a minimum of one video (or more) per week. 

I prefer this idea because I feel as though some of the videos I’ve created are a bit rushed and they’ve only been put out because of this challenge (I’ve deleted one video that I didn’t like). I think aiming for one video (or more) per week will enhance the overall quality whilst still maintaining consistency. It will also free up a little more time so that I can create some additional support text for the videos on the vlog/website.

I also like the idea of creating 100 videos. I’m in this video creation game for the long run, so a longer goal fits the agenda more I reckon.