About Guitar From Scratch

Guitar From Scratch is a challenge I’ve set myself to learn guitar again, from absolute scratch, left-handed!

That’s right, I’m learning guitar AGAIN!

Why am I doing this? 

Two reasons:

1. To Become a Better Guitar Teacher

I want to better understand how it feels to be in the shoes of a complete beginner guitar player.

How tricky does it feel to play an A chord?

How long does it take to nail a specific chord change?

What are the physical and mental obstacles that challenge us the most? 

What learning methods really work best?

Taking part in this process will help me understand all of this much better, helping me become a better all-around guitar teacher.

2. To Inspire Others

Learning to play the guitar again from scratch is going to be a big challenge for me. It’s going to require time and commitment.

But my hope is that THIS inspires you!

My hope is that my struggles and efforts inspire your struggles and efforts.

If I can learn guitar again, from scratch, then so can you.