Group Guitar Lessons Cardiff

Group Guitar Lessons in Cardiff for Children and Adults

After years of leading group sessions in schools, colleges, and corporate organisations, I’m excited to offer private Group Guitar Lessons in Cardiff for both adults and children!

Music is best enjoyed together. My group sessions are both educational and a lively social experience.

Beginners Most Welcome

Worried about not having any guitar experience? Don’t be! In your group guitar lessons in Cardiff, you’ll be placed in the company of students of similar age and ability to yours.

If you’re an absolute beginner, group sessions are perfect. Here’s why:

Perfectly Matched Abilities: As an absolute beginner, I can perfectly match your current knowledge with other absolute beginners.

Structured and Patient Learning: We start with the basics, ensuring everyone has a solid foundation. From holding the guitar to mastering fundamental chords and strumming, I provide individual attention to make sure no one feels left behind.

Peer Motivation: Watching fellow beginners grow alongside you is a strong motivator. It’s a shared journey of growth.

Collaborative Environment: Mistakes become moments of shared learning. Benefit from your peers’ questions and insights.

Why Choose Group Lessons?

Shared Learning Experience: Amplify your progress and joy by learning with peers of similar skills and age.

Ensemble Skills: Group settings enhance timing, rhythm, and collaboration. This experience is hard to achieve in solo lessons.

Affordable Option: Enjoy a cost-effective alternative to private sessions.

Builds Confidence: Overcome stage fright by playing with others in a small, supportive group.

Diverse Repertoire: Explore music from duets to trios, expanding your musical understanding.

Lesson Details:

Group Size: Max of three students for a personal learning environment.

Matching Skill/Age Levels: Students are paired based on age and ability.

Duration: 30-minute sessions with individual feedback, group playing, and collaborative exercises.

Join the Chord!

Dive into group learning, make friends, and discover a fresh way to learn guitar. My Group Guitar Lessons in Cardiff offer an immersive musical experience. Register now and strum towards an enriching musical journey!


Rates for a 30-minute group session are £10 per student.

Contact Me

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