Justin Sandercoe:

“I really enjoy teaching and have been doing it a long time. One of the best feelings of all though, is when a student is really absorbing ideas and concepts you share with them. They go away and work real hard on their own and come back with the perfect questions. Lee was one of those students and I really enjoyed working with him on his guitar journey and watching him make significant progress over a year. That was long ago now and I’ve no doubt he’s become an excellent teacher and player and hope you enjoy taking lessons with him!”


Davy – Cardiff, UK.

“I’ve only been taking lessons with Lee for a couple of months but I’m literally itching to overhear somebody say they’re thinking of taking up guitar so I can interject myself into the conversation and recommend Mr. Mead-Batten. The dude is everything you’d want in a teacher: patient, thoughtful, personable, knowledgeable and on top of that he’s even been sending me personalised videos after each lesson breaking down what we went over. I actually feel guilty receiving this amazing extra value at no extra cost but he insists he does it for all his students as part of the (already very reasonable) regular lesson fee. Well his generous nature is my gain because these video recaps are so useful and even include extra little gems that didn’t even come up in the lesson itself. I’m totally serious now… I really hardly ever review anything but I actually couldn’t wait to leave this testimonial.”

Paul – London, UK.

“After 20 years playing the guitar on-and-off, a local advertisement led me to a trial guitar lesson with Lee. That was 6 years and several hundred hours of lessons ago now! During this time Lee has patiently and enthusiastically helped me develop a new love for both playing the guitar and more importantly improving my playing technique. He has a seemingly endless repertoire of exercises pitched precisely at that critical upper boundary of my technical ability which have helped me to slowly but surely master different aspects of playing. His lessons are packed with encouragement and good humour which has made them something I really look forward to. Whether we meet in person, or over skype, the result is the same – a thoroughly enjoyable hour working through musical theory, rhythm and timing, playing technique, or the finer points of Jimi Hendrix’s sound. He is a fantastic guitar player and a truly gifted teacher who I cannot recommend highly enough.”


Lavinia, Leo and Caia – London, UK.

“Guitar students in Wales will be very lucky to get Lee to teach them, we will miss him so much. Lee started teaching my son nearly 6 years ago. He was 8 and wanted to get a little more serious with playing his instrument. Typically when he realised that learning an instrument was not as straightforward as he thought it would be, he wanted to give up. Lee was very clever because he managed to motivate him by letting him choose to learn his favourite songs, adapting the level to his abilities, remaining positive even when it was very clear that there was no practise being done between lessons. Lee was patient, encouraging and slowly my son started to pick up his guitar on his own, without any pressure. He is now the lead guitarist in the band he formed at Secondary school, plays his guitar every day to relax! My daughter started 4 years ago and so far has followed her brother pattern. She can be easily distracted and I have been amazed how Lee has managed to keep her on track by transforming the lesson in some kind of game, with point to be won for the different stages achieved. A lot of teachers could learn a few things from Lee, he has been wonderful. I have recommended him to so many friends and all of them have been delighted.”


Frances and Lenny – London, UK.

“Our son, Lenny has been taught electric guitar by Lee for a year. Lee probably has the best way with children of almost anyone I’ve ever met-he is gentle and encouraging. Lenny progressed really well with Lee, and, although he was upset when Lee moved home to Wales, is now very successfully continuing his lessons via Skype.

I cannot recommend Lee highly enough; he is patient, kind and fun, so the children he teaches do the best they can for him.”


Andrew – London, UK.

“I began playing the guitar 3 years ago. Within a few weeks I started lessons with Lee. I hadn’t had any experience of musical instruments apart from playing the Recorder at primary school in the early 70’s. My initial efforts weren’t that great but I received a fantastic level of support from Lee. He is a very patient and thorough teacher who’s skill and love for the guitar really shines through each lesson. I feel that in spite of starting to play in my late 40’s, I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher. I would have no hesitation in recommending lessons with Lee for guitar students of any age.”


Jo, Sonny and Jake – London, UK.

“Lee has been teaching my boys for 4 years. He is the best teacher my kids have ever had. He’s patient, energetic and fun. My boys never tire of lessons with him or complain it’s time for guitar. I like the way he doesn’t force them to practice, but inspires them in lessons so that they independently pick up a guitar anyway. My two  boys are very different and he is vey intuitive and imaginative about tailoring a lesson to their individual needs. When he moved to Wales we were gutted and we are so glad that he is continuing lessons on Skype which are great. I think my boys will look back on him in later life with real fondness and gratitude. He totally rocks. Can’t recommend him enough.”


Rachel and Jacob – London, UK.

“We feel very lucky to have Lee as a guitar teacher, he manages to create a really warm, encouraging and fun environment for learning. My son has developed a real love for the guitar without ever needing to be nagged to practice. He has had lessons with Lee in person and via skype and they have worked equally well.”


Dr Keith Ellerington: Principle Music Officer, Caerphilly Music Service – Blackwood, UK.

“It is with pleasure that I record that I have known Mr Lee Charles Batten for two years, during which time he has worked for Caerphilly Music Service as a Part Time Guitar Tutor. Lee is a very able musician and conscientious teacher, who has an enthusiasm for teaching young people. Through his passion for music, and guitar in particular, he is able to encourage and motivate his students.

Lee had a good attendance record whilst in our employ and was always punctual. He conducted in a most professional manner, was always willing to co-operate, and build up excellent working relationships with colleagues.  I recommend Mr. Batten unreservedly to any potential employer for their further consideration.”


Sian, Jack, Kate, and Eve – Blackwood, UK.

“Lee has been teaching our three children Jack (13), Kate (11) and Eve (8) for nearly three years, giving lessons on classical, electric and acoustic guitar. He is an excellent teacher and has a great rapport with the children. Lee is always pleasant and accommodating especially with the numerous occasions we have had to change lesson times. Jack says “There is only one problem. Lee supports Arsenal!” – but then you can’t have everything I suppose.”


Chris Dawson: Project Manager, Community Music Wales – Cardiff, UK.

“I have worked with Lee for 5 years in various capacities in our organisations demanding and sometimes challenging work. In all aspects of work Lee has done for Community Music Wales, he has demonstrated an exemplary level of competence and consistency, and a commitment to reviewing and developing his approach so that everyone gains the most in terms of musical enjoyment and personal development. His completion of accreditation paper work from some courses, is always of the highest standard.

Lee seems in particular to have a sensitivity to the importance of engaging students who seem initially disinterested or inhibited. The combination of his musical, and his teaching and interpersonal skills have resulted in many high quality workshops and the feedback from the participants and host organisations with whom he has worked has been extremely positive.

Lee is someone who can be relied upon to get a job done and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to you.”


Christine and Rachel – Merthyr Tydfil, UK.

“Lee has taught my daughter to play the guitar since she first took up the instrument 4 years ago at the age of 7. After 4 years of weekly lessons with Lee, she is now a competent and confident player.

Apart from her own enthusiasm for the instrument, her progress is attributable in large part to Lee’s teaching skills. He is a relaxed, and relaxing teacher who encourages but does not press his pupils unduly. He makes them feel at ease to progress at their own pace. He is polite, always pleasant to deal with, and children seem to warm to his gentle nature. His calm encouragement seems to ensure steady and continual progress, not always achieved by more rigid teaching regimes.

I am happy to recommend his services.”


Kate Strudwick: Creative Project Manager, Head4Arts – Blackwood, UK.

“Lee has been employed by me on several occasions over the past 2 years.

I met him originally when I was Arts Development Manager for Caerphilly County Borough Council. Lee was initially engaged to run regular community music sessions for the Inside Out Project, working with people with mental health issues. During my monitoring sessions, I found Lee to be a very conscientious and patient practitioner showing a high level of awareness of the needs of his participants and a great deal of skill in running the workshops. His work as a tutor with the Caerphilly Music Service was also commended to me by my colleagues.

Since setting up Head for Arts, I have employed Lee not only as a music tutor, but also in the capacity of mentor, supporting inexperienced music tutors. I have had nearly 20 years experience of engaging music practitioners and consider Lee to be one of the best available. He is reliable, trustworthy, skilled, hard working and engages well with participants. I am always happy to employ him either on an individual basis or as part of a larger team.”