How it all Began

A Happy Accident

Day 1: Saturday 13th March 2021

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been teaching group sessions online where I have a few beginner students (with big fingers) struggling to play the A chord. 

To better understand how this feels for them and come up with some solutions, I randomly decide to pick up my kids ¾ size guitar (which has a smaller neck) and turn it upside down (to play left-handed) to have a go at the A chord. 

In this position, I feel like a complete beginner with fingers that are too big for the guitar, which is exactly what I want.

When I attempt the A chord, it obviously sounds wrong because the guitar is an upside-down right-handed guitar. But it’s cool because I’m not trying to play music. I’m just trying to better understand how it feels to play the A chord from the perspective of the complete beginner with big fingers.

First Impressions:

WOW! I’m absolutely astounded with how difficult the A chord feels to play. The old school way of playing it feels squishy and my fingers struggle to fit into the small frets. The new school way feels like I’m tying my fingers up in a knot. 

Trying Other Chords

Fascinated by this initial experience, I decided to try some of the other chords. 

They all feel excruciatingly difficult! The C chord, literally impossible. Barre chords, another planet. It’s a really weird feeling considering playing the same chords right handed feels as easy as writing my name. 

As difficult as it feels, I’m absolutely fascinated.

The Seed is planted. The Adventure begins.

My kid’s 3/4 sized electric guitar. Where the adventure begins.