Kids Guitar Lessons Cardiff

The Benefits of Music

Learning a musical instrument can benefit your child in a heap of positive ways such as:

Improved Social, Academic and Physical skills.

Self-Expression and Creativity.

Patience, discipline, and confidence.

Learning a musical instrument such as the guitar is also just a super fun activity that can bring your child a vast amount of enjoyment, inspiration and fulfilment for years to come.

Fun First

Children learn best when they’re having fun, and my first priority with your child will be to cultivate a love and enjoyment for the guitar. Kids simply learn better with a smile on their face, and your child’s guitar lessons in Cardiff will be packed full of games, challenges, and fun activities, whilst simultaneously building a solid musical foundation.

No Pressure Learning

I believe that a child’s guitar lessons should be about the child, rather than the results expected from parents, or the pressure to achieve those results from the teacher.

In my Kids Guitar Lessons Cardiff, there will never be any pressure put on your child. Instead, your child will be given heaps of praise and encouragement and will be allowed to learn at his own pace, in his own time.

Active Learning

I believe in an active approach to learning guitar rather than a spoon-fed, passive approach.

In my Kids Guitar Lessons Cardiff, your child will be encouraged to really engage with the learning. To choose his own materials, figure things out for himself, and to ask questions about the whats and whys. Your child will also be encouraged to reflect on his own learning strategies, and to think about and apply different ideas creatively.

A Growth Mindset

A Growth Mindset is a belief that talent can be developed through effort and creative thinking, rather than being something innate. In your child’s lessons, we’ll focus on developing a Growth Mindset, which will help motivate her to take on new challenges with the belief that learning to play the guitar is something that we can all achieve with the right approach and effort.

We’ll focus on how much she gets right, rather than how little she gets wrong. We’ll look at mistakes as opportunities to learn, rather than proof that she can’t do something. We’ll reward effort, rather than results. And we’ll praise clever ways of solving new challenges, rather than mindlessly repeating the same thing over and over.

Guitar Lessons Tailored to Your Child

All children are different. Some learn quicker, some are quieter, and some are a little more distracted. My children’s guitar lessons in Cardiff are tailored towards your child’s personality and learning preferences. We’ll work on things at the right speed, and in the right way to ensure that your child feels great in her guitar lessons. 

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