Office Guitar Lessons Cardiff

Learning a musical instrument is a fun and fulfilling activity that provides a stream of health benefits including stress relief, fulfillment, focus, confidence, social interaction, and enjoyment! 

I offer guitar lessons for businesses with a focus on providing staff with a positive experience that overlaps into everyday working life.

When, Where, How?

The sessions run for 30 minutes on a weekly basis via Skype at a time that works for your business and employees. This can either be a daytime slot or an evening slot from Monday to Friday. 

Record, Edit, Upload!

Each session can also be recorded, edited, and uploaded to a Private YouTube playlist that only your employees can access. This helps those who are unable to attend the session catch up at a later, more convenient time. It also gives people the opportunity to look back at some of the ideas we ran in the session at a later date.

Lessons for All

I currently have 3 courses of sessions available that covers everyone from Complete Beginner, up to Intermediate:

Level 1: Foundation (for the absolute beginner)

Level 2: Improver (higher level of beginner)

Level 3: Player (intermediate)

What to Expect

Staff turn up at a scheduled time every week for a 30-minute session where I’ll give them a little something to practice and work on.

During the session, I’ll have my camera and audio switched on, and participants will have their camera on and audio muted. I’ll then give guided instructions and demonstrations and we’ll all work on the same thing together. Participants can then unmute their audio when they either have questions or would like to demonstrate something. After the session has finished, staff continue to have fun with the material in their own time in preparation for the next session, which logically builds upon the previous session.

A Positive Focus

The sessions are super relaxed with a prime focus on providing staff with a positive, fulfilling experience that they can take with them into everyday life. There are absolutely no strict, disciplined routines here, that would destroy the whole concept! 

The goal is fun and fulfillment.

Kind Words

“Four years ago I purchased a lovely looking electric guitar, which looks amazing on the wall, after attempting youtube tuition on my own my guitar turned in to a fantastic looking piece of art.  When Covid hit I decided to try again, thinking I needed to change to an acoustic guitar, as obviously the guitar was the problem.  I managed to learn a few chords but that was that, until Lee stepped in.

Twice a week for a couple of months I have been loving my sessions with Lee, I can now play a song in full, those tricky chords that I couldn’t contemplate on my own I am consistently improving on.  I love how patient Lee is, he is even learning to play left handed with us, to get back to that hopeless beginner feeling that many have.  Some great lessons, fun, interactive and it has changed my day to day life, as now I love to pick up the guitar and just play.”

Darren – Admiral Insurance

“I love the guitar at the office sessions! I’ve always wanted to learn guitar and being offered the opportunity through work finally gave me the push to do it! Because it’s online as well it’s super easy and convenient rather than having to travel somewhere for it. Lee is really attentive in lessons and takes time to observe what you’re doing to make sure you don’t build bad habits and can keep improving. The sessions are really intimate and I’m amazed at the progress we’ve made in such a short space of time already! Thanks so much Lee!”

Kat – Admiral Insurance

“I really look forward to the guitar lessons every week. It’s been fantastic to go from no ability at all to now being able to play a few different tunes, and that’s thanks to Lee’s patience and the way that he is able to give very personalised feedback which helps us correct mistakes quickly – and all over video call!”

Joe – Admiral Insurance

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