Closed Grip Technique

The Closed Grip technique is a very natural way of gripping the guitar neck. It’s how you’d generally grip things in everyday life.

1. Thumb Over The Top

To put yourself in a Closed Hand position, just bring your thumb over the top of the guitar neck where it’s able to gently touch the low E string. 

2. Straight Wrist

With your thumb in this position, you should now have a straight wrist.

3. Fingertips

From here, your hand and fingers will now be in a good position so that you’re able to place your fingers down on the notes with the tips of the fingers. This leads to…

4. Curled Knuckles

When you press down with the tips of the fingers, you’ll notice that the knuckles on your fingers are now curled. This is good! We don’t want collapsed or flappy knuckles.

5. Finger Angles

If you’ve followed all the previous steps correctly, you’ll find your fingers are now naturally angled diagonally upwards. This is good! Don’t try to straighten the fingers out to line up vertically with each fret. Let them fall onto the strings naturally.