“Grab and Go” Student Video Support

When needed, I often create and share small videos with my students (via WhatsApp) to help reinforce the ideas that we work on in lessons. These additional support videos help my students more efficiently apply these ideas when they’re practicing at home.

It recently occurred to me that it might be a good idea to start creating and uploading these types of videos to my website too. So I’ve started doing it.

Some of the videos will be universal, such as “How to Play a G chord”, and some of the videos will be specific to individual challenges.

The intention for me here is not to create “masterpiece” videos where everything is wonderfully lit, choreographed, and edited.

The goal is to simply “Grab” the camera and press “Go” as and when I feel my students need certain types of information made available to them outside of their lessons. For this reason, the videos might come across as a little “homemade” compared to other YouTube videos. I can deal with this though if you can 🙂

The Videos:

5 Different Ways To Change Between Chords

Zombie by The Cranberries Quick Guitar Lesson

Basic Power Chord Technique