The (A Shape) Major Pentatonic Scale

Scale Pattern

Below is the pentatonic scale pattern used for playing the (A shape) Major Pentatonic Scale.

The numbers within each note represent the finger numbers that I think are generally best used when playing this scale.

Roots and Scale Degrees

Below is the exact same scale pattern as above, only now we’ve added the Roots (in red) and the Scale Degrees (in blue).

When you practice the scale below, start on the lowest Root note, play up to the highest note, and then back to the lowest note, and then back up to the lowest Root note.

The Chord Shape

And finally, below is the same scale again, only now we’ve also highlighted the A chord shape (in yellow) and added a (yellow) barre as an imaginary nut to help you visualise the A chord a little easier.

Practice the scale below like you would the one directly above. Only this time, play the chord shape first, then the scale, and then the chord shape to finish off. Practising the scale like this really helps you see the chord shape within the scale, which is really important.