The Benefits of Guitar Looping

Guitar Looping is an incredibly fun, rewarding, and practical activity that can benefit your guitar learning experience in so many cool ways:

An Incredible Practice Tool

First, guitar looping is just an incredible practice tool.

A looper pedal opens up doors to learning that might otherwise remain closed without one. With a looper pedal, you’re able to work on and correct your rhythm, tempo, and timing through immediate feedback provided by the looper pedal. You’re able to practically apply your understanding of the guitar fretboard in a number of different ways to improve your improvisation and music-writing skills. A guitar looper also gives you a great platform for practically applying concepts of music theory such as time signatures, harmonies and counterpoint, etc.

A Creative Outlet

Secondly, guitar looping is a brilliant creative outlet!

With a looper pedal, you can create your very own loops (micro-compositions) consisting of numerous guitar parts. This allows for so many creative possibilities as you put together parts for other instruments such as drums, bass, keyboards, strings, percussion, etc.

As well as creating original loops, you can also start covering the classics in a way that conveys your personality and musical style. Cover Metalica very gently. Cover Coldplay with aggression.

Recording And Production

And finally, guitar looping acts as an introduction to the recording and production side of music, because it teaches you about eq, tone, space, and compression – all the things that go into making a loop sound good.

Looping is also a brilliant tool for putting a bit of pressure on your playing because essentially each loop is a live recording. In the long run, this just makes you a better recording artist.