The Names of the Guitar Strings

The names of the guitar strings from thickest to thinnest are:

E, A, D, G, B, E.

Each string takes its name from the note it’s tuned to. The E strings are tuned to E notes, the A string to an A note, The D string to a D note, and so on.

As a budding guitarist, you need to memorise the names of each string. You can do this by coming up with an acronym, but to be honest I think you’re better off just learning the names of the strings as they are.

In my experience, when people use an acronym (such as Eddie, Ate, Dynamite, Good, Bye, Eddie) they tend to rely on the acronym too much.

I think it makes most sense to put in a little more effort and learn the strings by their actual names.

There’re only 6 strings, so it’s not really that difficult.