Here is a quick video lesson demonstrating how to play TNT by AC/DC. It’s a cool one for learning and using open power chords – E5, A5 and G5.

What are Power Chords?

A power chord is a simple, yet powerful musical chord commonly used in rock music. It consists of only two different notes: the root note and the fifth note of the scale, which forms a perfect fifth interval. Power chords are typically played on electric guitars with distortion or overdrive to create a thick, powerful sound (although I’m using an acoustic guitar in this lesson). They are written by the root note followed by the number 5, for example, G5 or C5.

The simplicity of power chords comes from their structure, which lacks the third note that would define the chord as major or minor. This makes them neither major nor minor, giving them a neutral sound that blends well with the distorted tones of electric guitars. Power chords are often played using just two or three strings, making them easy to move around the fretboard and ideal for creating riffs and driving rhythms in rock and metal music.

The Chord Shapes

E5 image here

G5 image here

A5 image here