Complete Beginner – Two Finger Chords

A little while back I started teaching an older student (a complete beginner) whose fingers lacked the agility to get anywhere near playing full major and minor chords. To create a smaller step toward learning full chords, I broke the G, C, D, and Em chords down into simplified (easier) versions that use only two fingers each. I call these chords Complete Beginner – Two Finger Chords.

Complete Beginner – Two-Finger Chords, are simplified versions of standard major and minor chords, and they’re probably the easiest of all open chords to both play and change between.

When changing between each chord, leave the 3rd finger anchored down throughout and just move the 1st or 2nd finger as dictated by the chord you’re changing to.

To understand how to read the chord boxes below, check here.

2-Finger G Chord

2-Finger C Chord

2-Finger D Chord

2-Finger Em Chord