Week 15: Days 98 to 104

Day 98: Monday, July 5th 2021

Practice Time – 0 mins

No practice today. Not the best start to the week!

Day 99: Tuesday, July 6th 2021

Practice Time – 5 mins

Just a very brief run through my chords. Not a lot to report.

Day 100: Wednesday, July 7th 2021

Practice Time: 20 mins

Hurray! Finally a decent practice day this week. 

I spent 20 minutes running through Don’t Look Back In Anger by Oasis, and Time Of Your Life by Greenday. 

It’s all coming together nicely, but the F chord is still very slippery!

Day 101: Thursday, July 8th 2021

Practice Time – 15 mins

Spent around 15 minutes this morning just warming up for my video overdue update. Ran through all chords as usual, and doubled down on the F chord.

Progress update after 76 Days of Practice. And we get a little visit from my cat Soo 🙂 As usual, please excuse the really, really bad singing!

Day 102: Friday, July 9th 2021

Practice Time – 0 mins

Day 103: Saturday, 10th July 2021

Practice Time – o mins

Two straight days without any guitar practice. I’ve been so busy, it just got by me. Strangely though, I was aware that I wasn’t practising, and just let it go. 

I’m not sure, but I think my lack of practice over these two days might have something to do with this 100 days of practice goal that I’ve recently set myself. Because I only have a certain amount of practice days left until I get to the big 100, I really want to make the most of every session, and that means spending a good 20 minutes on each. So if I’ve only got 5 or 10 minutes at hand, I’m not taking it. I think this is a mistake, so I might need to rethink this a little. Maybe I need to think about the minutes spent practising rather than the number of days? This is something to think about because I need to stay consistent. Consistency is a beginner guitarist’s best friend! 

Day 104: Sunday, July 11th 2021

Practice Time – 30 mins

Well, at least I finished the week on a high! Today, I spent a good 30 minutes running through all of the songs and chords I’ve been working on over the past few months. My primary focus again has been on the F chord because this is the one that’s holding me back. The F chord alone is taking up a good 60% of my practice time. It’s a tough one to nail though, and I’ve been experimenting with some other ways of developing the fingers to gain a bit more control over this chord. We’ll see how this goes.

Weekly Round Up

Total Days Practiced: 4

Monday – 0 mins

Tuesday – 5 mins

Wednesday – 20 mins

Thursday – 15 mins

Friday – 0 mins

Saturday – o mins

Sunday – 30 mins

Total Weekly Minutes Practiced:

1 hour and 10 mins

End of Week Thoughts: 


Overall, I don’t think this was a great practice week because I knowingly let a couple of practice opportunities go. as already mentioned, I think it might have something to do with the goal I’ve set myself to reach a specific level of playing after 100 Days of Practice. I’d consider this a progress/achievement goal, and I’ve never been very good with these. I think I might have mentioned this maybe last week, or the week before.

So I’m going to sideline this goal right now, and I’m going back to focus on enjoying small, consistent sessions, and just watching where that takes me.

I think this is the key for me. No pressure. No willpower. No overthinking it. 

Just doing it in a fun and enjoyable way.

I’ll still reassess after 100 days though, to see where I am.