Week 16: Days 105 to 111

Day 104: Monday, July 12th 2021

Practice Time – 0 mins

No practice today, which is strange because I usually start the week pretty good (I think).

Day 105: Tuesday, July 13th 2021

Practice Time – 15 mins

And we’re off!

Just a quick session on the couch again today. Primarily focussing on the F chord and trying to change to it by placing all of my fingers down at the same time. 

Day 106: Wednesday, July 14th 2021

Practice Time – 10 mins

Pretty much a replica of yesterdays session, albeit for 10 mins. Still plugging away at the F chord. Progress is slow and incremental.

Day 107: Thursday, July 15th 2021

Practice Time – 20 mins

Another 20 minutes in the bag. Today I worked on all chords and songs, again with a strong emphasis on the F chord. 

Day 108: Friday, July 16th 2021

Practice Time – 10 mins

Same drill as usual. Just the 10 minutes today, but I’m pleased to get another practice tick. Again, just putting the majority of practice time into this F chord.

F chord! F chord! F chord!

Day 109: Saturday, 17th July 2021

Practice Time – 20 mins

Absolutely no change in practice strategy today. I practised all of my chords with a prime focus on the F chord again. 

I’m starting to sound like a broken record with this “F chord” malarky, but it’s what I’m practising, and it’s an honest reflection of how long and how much effort this F chord is taking. 

Day 110: Sunday, July 18th 2021

Practice Time – 0 min

No practice today!

Weekly Round Up

Total Days Practiced: 5

Monday – 0 mins

Tuesday – 15 mins

Wednesday – 10 mins

Thursday – 20 mins

Friday – 10 mins

Saturday – 20 mins

Sunday – 0 mins

Total Weekly Minutes Practiced:

1 hour and 15 mins

End of Week Thoughts: 

The Dreaded F Chord

This F chord is by far the most challenging chord for me to nail. But, the more I practice it the better it gets, even though it’s very slow. So I know if I just keep plugging away at it, it’ll come.

So plug away at it I will!