Week 18: Days 119 to 125

Day 112: Monday, July 26th 2021

Practice Time – 40 mins

Finished last week with three no practice days so I wanted to get this week off to a good start and did so with a 40-minute session. Still plugging away with the F chord and still working my fingers a little harder with certain chord extensions.

Day 113: Tuesday, July 27th 2021

Practice Time –  0 mins

No practice today. 

Day 114: Wednesday, July 28th 2021

Practice Time: 0 mins

Again no practice. 

It’s the summer holidays right now and the children are home from school. I absolutely love the summer holidays and having the kids home, but it’s definitely putting me out of routine a bit with this project. I just keep forgetting to practice. 

Day 115: Thursday, July 29th 2021

Practice Time – 20 mins

Managed 20 minutes today!

Just drilled all of my chords with a primary focus on the F chord. Due to a lack of practice recently, I don’t feel any improvement.

Day 116: Friday, July 30th 2021

Practice Time – 0 mins

No Practice today. 

Day 117: Saturday, 31st July 2021

Practice Time – 0 mins

No practice today.

Day 118: Sunday, August 1st 2021

Practice Time – 0 mins

Again, no practice. A pretty poor practice week by all accounts. In fact, my worst to date! My guitar might as well have gone away on holiday this week.

Weekly Round Up

Total Days Practiced: 2

Monday – 40 mins

Tuesday – 0 mins

Wednesday – 0 mins

Thursday – 20 mins

Friday – 0 mins

Saturday – 0 mins

Sunday – 0 mins

Total Weekly Minutes Practiced: 

1 hour

End of Week Thoughts:

The Challenge of Practicing during the Summer Holidays 

It’s the summer holidays now and the kids are home from school. I love the summer holidays, but taking care of two 7-year-olds as well as keeping on top of my regular teaching work is taking its toll on my mental capacity to both remember and find time to practice.

I’m even struggling to keep my online GFS diary up to date, and I’m currently writing this up a week late. 

That said, this is what this experience is all about – walking in the shoes of the beginner guitarist and experiencing all of the challenges that arise.

Finding time to practice during busy periods with the kids running around and creating wonderful havoc is definitely a challenge for adult beginner guitarists (with kids).