Week 19: Days 126 to 132

Day 126: Monday, August 2nd 2021

Practice Time – 0 mins

And the no practice momentum continues!

Day 127: Tuesday, August 3rd 2021

Practice Time –  0 mins

Again, another no practice day. This is the worst practice period that I’ve hit since starting this experience. It’s not for lack of wanting to practice or inspiration though. I just have so much on my plate at the moment. 

Day 128: Wednesday, August 4th 2021

Practice Time: 45 mins

Hurray! A practice day. Got a good 45 minutes in. 

My fingers feel like they’ve hardly played any guitar recently though, but after a little while, they came back to life. 

I don’t feel as though I’ve made any progress during the past week and a half though. It’s pretty plain to see that unless you pick the guitar up on a regular basis and put the miles in, nothing happens. 

Day 129: Thursday, August 5th 2021

Practice Time – 1 hour

Another big session today! Just trying to build some momentum into my practice sessions again. 

Lots of F chord practice today and I also decided to add a technical exercise into the mix. I’m not really the biggest fan of technical exercises, but I feel as though my fingers need it right now. After running the technical exercise, my chords (including the F) feel easier. Interesting, and I think I’m going to continue with this going forward.

Day 130: Friday, August 6th 2021

Practice Time – 25 mins

Yes! Another practice day! Same drill as yesterday, albeit for 25 minutes.

Day 131: Saturday, August 7th 2021

Practice Time – 25 mins

And another one!

Really pleased to have 4 practice days on the bounce under my belt whilst having the kids running all over the ceilings 🙂

Today I threw the AC/DC song Highway To Hell into the mix just for fun.

Day 132: Sunday, August 8th 2021

Practice Time – 0 mins

And the run ends! It’s a pity I couldn’t finish the week strong, but I still managed 4 days of practice which I’m really pleased about considering how busy and hectic life is at the moment. 

Weekly Round Up

Total Days Practiced: 4

Monday – 0 mins

Tuesday – 0 mins

Wednesday – 45 mins

Thursday – 1 hour

Friday – 25 mins

Saturday – 25 mins

Sunday – 0 mins

Total Weekly Minutes Practiced: 

1 hour and 35 mins

End of Week Thoughts:

Technical Exercises

This week, I decided to include a technical exercise into my practice routine, and I’ve got to be honest, I really think it’s making a positive difference. 

I’ve not been the biggest fan of technical exercises in recent years, but this has opened my eyes a little. 

When I was younger I practised technical exercises a lot, but the more experienced I’ve become with the guitar, the less inclined I’ve been to practice them. I’m far more interested in spending my practice time working on music now, rather than running exercises. 

Also, over the years of teaching and giving out technical exercises, I’ve found that only about 10% of students actually practice them, because you know, they’re boring!

But this experience is teaching me that there is a place for technical exercises for beginner students who need to develop a higher level of technique to be able to play. So I’m going to continue with this exercise and monitor the results.

Let’s see what happens.