Week 21: Days 140 to 146

Day 140: Monday, August 16th 2021

Practice Time – 0 mins

Not a good start to the week. The struggle continues.

Day 141: Tuesday, August 17th 2021

Practice Time – 0 mins

Another blank!

However, today I decided to create a “Don’t Break The Chain” sheet for my last 6 days of practice. Basically, a sheet displaying the next 6 dates that I intend to practice on – 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, and 23rd of August. The idea is to place the sheet up where I’ll see it every day to act as a reminder to practice. 

My plan is to practice for 1 hour each day for the last 6 days.

101 Days here I come!

Day 142: Wednesday, August 18th 2021

Practice Time: 1 hour

And we’re off!

I haven’t practised in quite a while, so I started this session off by gently running through all of my open chords for around 15 minutes. My fingers definitely feel a little loose to begin, but they quickly get back into the swing of things which I’m really pleased about. 

I then spend the next 15 minutes targeting the tricky chords, primarily the F and the 4-finger G chords.

I then start to get a little bored of just running through my open chords, and as I’m going to practice for a full hour, I decided to start playing through some blues riffs (in an open position). This feels like a fantastic workout for the fingers whilst also maintaining my interest and enjoyment. I spend another 30 minutes on this.

Day 143: Thursday, August 19th 2021

Practice Time – 1 hour

Pretty much a replica of yesterdays session. I spent 30 minutes on open chords and 30 minutes on blues riffs. Fingers are feeling really good with variation in practice. I think looking back over the weeks past, maybe I should have varied my practice a little more. Another important lesson to take note of.

Day 144: Friday, August 20th 2021

Practice Time – 1 hour 

Dito for the past two days.

I’m really enjoying the challenge of playing these blues riffs and I’m also noticing an increase in overall finger conditioning and performance. 

The open chords also seem to be improving and I’m practising for a full hour seems very doable now that I have varied material to practice.

Day 145: Saturday, August 21st 2021

Practice Time – 1 hour

Another 1-hour practice session in the bag! The “Don’t Break The Chain” idea is working out well so far.

That’s 4 in a row. Only 3 more sessions to go after today. 

Again, a replica of the previous 3 days. Everything seems to be improving bit by bit. 

Day 146: Sunday, August 22nd 2021

Practice Time – o mins

And the chain breaks! 

Still, I managed to get four 1-hour sessions in this week which I’m really pleased about.

Weekly Round Up

Total Days Practiced: 4

Monday –  0 mins

Tuesday –  0 mins

Wednesday –  1 hour

Thursday – 1 hour

Friday –  1 hour

Saturday –  1 hour

Sunday – 0 mins

Total Weekly Minutes Practiced: 

4 hours

End of Week Thoughts:

Don’t Break The Chain

So this week I decided to use a new Don’t Break The Chain practice tool (made popular by the comedian Jerry Seinfeld). It worked a treat too. 

When I first started playing left-handed, just having the guitar out in the room I spend most of my time in acted as a great reminder to practice, but this doesn’t seem to be working as much anymore. It’s as though I’ve just got used to the guitar being part of the room. Having this new practice sheet out and in full view was new though, and I noticed it a lot which spurred me into action.

98 Day of Practice – But now I’m on HOLIDAY!

So that’s 98 days of practice done. Just 4 left to go. But the problem I have now is that I’m on holiday for two weeks starting tomorrow. That’s an oversight. 

So I’m going to pause this experience for two weeks and finish things up when I’m home. 

The plan will be to nail the last 3 practice sessions (1 hour each) and then create a final 101-day update. I’ll then begin working on my Guitar From Scratch course taking all of the lessons I’ve learnt through this experience and compiling it into a free absolute beginners guitar course available to everyone.