Week 7: Days 42 to 48

Day 42: Monday, May 10th 2021

Practice Time – 20 mins

Today, I ran through all of my open chords, primarily focussing on the 4-finger G and the Cadd9 with a solid strumming pattern using the pick. The same stuff as usual.

I don’t feel as though I’ve been making much progress recently, even though I have been putting the practice time in.

Day 43: Tuesday, May 11th 2021

Practice Time – 55 mins

I practised for 25 minutes in the morning, and 30 minutes in the evening.

The morning session was pretty much a replica of yesterday’s practice session. I’m still noticing that strumming with a pick throws my chord changes out a little. 

During the evening session, I also ran through Whatever by Oasis. Mostly for variation, but also because the chord changes in this song are a little easier than the other songs that I’ve recently been practising. This made strumming and changing chords a bit easier.

Day 44: Wednesday, May 12th 2021

Practice Time – 20 mins

Again, today I practised all of my open chords whilst trying to keep my strumming hand moving throughout all the changes. I’m still mostly focussing on 4-finger G, Em, D and Cadd9.

I ran also ran through Whatever by Oasis again.

Progress update after 34 Days of Practice

Day 45: Thursday, May 13th 2021

Practice Time – 0 mins

I taught all morning, afternoon, and evening today, so literally had no time for practice. 

Day 46: Friday, May 14th 2021

Practice Time – 0 mins

No practice again today. I had time, but it just got by me. 

Day 47: Saturday, May 15th 2021

Practice Time – 25 mins

I’ve missed the past two days of practice, but surprisingly my fingers feel quite good. Having a little space from practice seems to have helped my fingers solidify some movements.

Today, I also came up with a fresh idea for learning how to change chords. This is a new method that I’ve never used or seen before, and I’m going to experiment with it going forward.

Day 47: Sunday, May 16th 2021

Practice Time – 0 mins

No practice again today. We had a big family day out. 

Weekly Round-Up

Total Days Practiced: 4

Monday – 20 mins

Tuesday – 55 mins

Wednesday – 20 mins

Thursday – x 

Friday – x

Saturday – 25 mins

Sunday – x

Total Weekly Minutes Practiced:

2 hours

End of Week Thoughts: 


I practised for a total of 2 hours this week (the same as last week). Yet, I feel like this has been a poor practice week for me. Why? I’m not sure. Maybe it has something to do with my perceived lack of progress. Maybe it has something to do with my perceived lack of practice. A strange one.

Losing Motivation

I’ve also lost a bit of motivation this week. I’m not really sure why? It might be that the excitement of learning left-handed is wearing off.

Either way, this motivation dip is something that a lot of beginners go through, so I’m happy to experience it as this will give me the opportunity to figure out some solutions.