Enjoy the Process

As parents, teachers, and self-learners, we’re always concerned with how well we’re doing or how well the kids are doing. Of course we are, why wouldn’t we be? But be careful. Focussing too much on results over process can be detrimental to learning.

The most important thing about learning guitar for me, is how we feel whilst we learn. I’m a BIG believer in this philosophy!

If we’re enjoying ourselves, everything works better. Obstacles become challenges that we strive to overcome, not because we have to do well, but because it feels good. Because it’s fun. When we practice through a “Process” mindset with a smile on our face, we learn better, improve better, and play better.

On the flip side, if we’re too focused on results, things tend to take a negative turn. Mistakes feel more sensitive than they should. Frustration levels are higher. We get stressed, annoyed, and impatient. And even when we do reach a desired level of improvement, we soon forget about it because we’re already chasing the next level. Learning guitar through a “Progress” mindset like this just isn’t worth it. 

So be careful. Don’t force yourself to learn things for the sole sake of improvement because in my experience this just leads to an unhealthy relationship with practice. You’ll feel obligated and you’ll resent it.

Practice should be enjoyable, even when it’s challenging. The process should always be something you want to do. 

Put the focus on the Process, on how you feel whilst you’re learning, rather than on how well you think you should be doing, and the Progress will take care of itself.